Pediatric Pearls: Zinc Supplements

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No me gusta!

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Alan S. -

Mel, what happened to the C3 project? Will that be coming back anytime soon? It's so helpful to my small, underdeveloped intern brain!

Richard H. -

No more C3. New project here:

Read more commentary here:

Steven S., M.D. -

Thanks for the Mp3 download - much easier. happy new year. Steve Stein

stephen a. -

no emrap

Paul B., M.D. -

I prefer longer emrap, no C3. Can't please everyone. EMRAP is the bomb!

David B. L. -

I come over from States to practice in New Zealand, and when entering one of the female consultants offices I see pair of knickers (panties for my North American friends) signed by you hanging on the wall! What exactly do you have going on in the Southern Henisphere???

Keith E. -

If ppi's inhibit plavix's antiplatelet effect is there a role for treating or using ppi's in arresting unwanted bleeding like epistaxis / trauma or in preoperative setting?

Sean G., M.D. -

David B,
That comment caught my attention....I do some sparring with some young guys that are beginning mma fighters in Tucson, and as we were getting dressed the other day I noticed one of them had a Diamond cup, the brand Joe Rogan is always on about, I asked him what was so special about it and if it was constructed well so he showed it to me, and to my surprise, it too was signed by Mel...

Mel H. -

I have to explain. Two fine NZ lads came up to me at Essentials a few years back and said a much loved colleague was ill and a big EMRAP fan. It would make her day for me to sign some "nickers" for was my pleasure...let it be know I never wore them..but I know in my heart...I would have looked good in them!

Patricia G. -

one suggestion.....numbering the pages on the printed notes....

Sherry Y. -

mel - the written summary this month only has 1 page :(

Mel H. -

That one page is the supplement - there is a FULL version right above it :)

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