Pediatric Pearls: The Normal Neonate

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No me gusta!

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Sean G., M.D. -

OMG this was awesome!!!!!!! Absolutely perfectamundo in a Fonzi kinda way. Thank u Mel and Ilene....on a footnote, I know everyone finds Ilene's voice sexy, maybe i have some orientation issues I am unaware of, but the monotone is not sexy to me it is hypnotic and I may have to avoid her sections while driving, material is great, but I do have the others who share the highway with me to consider, and driving home after 12 hours (3 hour ride back to Phoenix) I am definitely a road hazard listening to Ilene, no matter how much noise her kids make in the backround....if that is her kids and not some pediatric sound track she plays to add "street cred" to her discussions....

J. Abraham Lopez, M.D. -

I have to agree with Sean G. I find Dr Claudius' information extremely helpful but it is somewhat difficult to listen tone. It may be from talking to kids and parents most days but maybe in this platform stands out secondary to the contrast of the other dynamic speakers on this series. Also, does seem a little scripted again compared to listening to Scott Weingart, Swadron, Orman. etc. Very helpful though and I appreciate her time and material.

Dave W., P.A. -

I love Ilene don't you change a thing!!!

mark g. -

I think she's perfect.

Peter W. -

Perfect delivery if you are on Valium and alcohol. Great content. Difficult delivery to follow.

Jessica R. -

This was so helpful! Not having a lot of experience with neonates. I find her voice soothing. If I had a sick neonate in my ED I'd want to talk to her because she'd be so calm!

Barbie F. -

exceptional segment. Thank you !

ilene c. -

Thank you!

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