Trauma in Pregnancy

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No me gusta!

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Sean G., M.D. -

only wish you had spent a few minutes reviewing the dreaded peri mortem c section. Dr Brown only mentioned when to do it and asked how many had done one. Since most of us have never done one, a review of the important steps would have been nice.

Mel H. -

Yes, great comment. I will get Kenji to take us though a simplified "I am no OB or surgeon but I need to cut the baby out of there" approach!

Jules W., MD -

Great ..general, understandable

Adetolu O. -

Are there routine tests needed in a pregnant trauma patients? For example, my OB department at my hospital wants us to routinely get CBC, INR, aPTT, fibrinogen, type and screen, and Kliehauer Betke test on all patients that are pregnant regardless of their symptoms if they were involved in any sort of trauma even if they are asymptomatic. A part of me believes that not all these tests are routinely needed especially in a patient that has minimal complaints. I could not find anything out there that talks about what is needed. Any thoughts? Do you routinely get these tests in all yoru patients?

Mel H. -

We will be covering this topic in the months ahead - in the research mode currently

Leonieke Groot -

Check this talk about perimortem section: Very nice talk! KInd regards, Leonieke Groot

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