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Shelley O. -

It was nice to hear from a doctor who works in a community hospital tackle the very diverse approach to airway management. I understand that technology has a big part in airway management. However, many places do not have the funding of larger places. Technology is operator dependant. The real concern should tthat whoever is managing the airway has a solid approach that takes into account a step wise approach to any potential difficulties may arise in any airway case and minimize patient injury.

Michael M. -

Why not teach VL initally? Then after the provider has mastered this technique AND has seen the anatomy multiple times on the screen, transition to DL. You could start the DL training on arrests and then move on to more challenging patients.

Minh L., Dr -

Darren, Richard, thankyou. This is a good counterbalance to the Walls interview.
A lightsaber does not make a Jedi.
the focus is not on the device..its operator dependent as Richard highlights.

I was a bit despondent with EMRAP after the Walls interview but in the New Year this is a great way to raise my respect again!

LOL, had to chuckle with the C grade given to Darren by made up for it this interview Darren!

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