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No me gusta!

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Cliff L., MD -

The Weingart lecture on EPI/Vasopressin/Steroid.
Are they given together?
Is Vasopressin given more than once?
Are they alternated every 3 minutes?
Cliff Langweiler

Martin M. -

Classic... I had listened to the January EMRAP on my way to work, (I have a 3.5 hour drive), and my first patient is a 25 year old with fever, myalgia, and Hx of IV drug use.... You guessed it, Dx was endocarditis! Started the Gent, Vanco and Cipro. Called to transfer the patient, and the EM boarded Doc on the other end of the line was impressed that I knew what meds to give. He told me had just listened to EMRAP.... I didn't have the heart to tell him I had as well!
Thanks for making me look like the super star!

Steven C., M.D. -

At some point, Mel, you should credit the production staff and voice actors who help you transform these very informative segments into Monty Python. Bravo!

Melissa Z. -

Regarding the IV antibiotics, what percentage of the patients were given IV Clinda? There was a higher percentage of patients in the diarrhea group diagnosed with cellulitis. I wondered if the diarrhea was a result of the antibiotic choice, rather than the IV formulation. Thanks--Melissa
Some great lectures this month, thanks!

Darryl J. M. -

Wait till you hear the French EMRAP.
Merci buttercups!

Adam N. PA-C MS -

If I get a dying neonate in my free standing ED I would first loose all bladder control. Then, after tying a shirt around my waste (to hide the urine stains), I would yell out to the nurses if any of them have worked in the NICU before. If I heard crickets, I would then cry (on the inside) for 1 minute. After it was over I would likely suffer from Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy and be taken to the tertiary hospital 15 minutes down the road, which is across the street from the best children's hospital in the region, which is where this neonate should have been taken to initially. If this ever happens I will write it up in a case report and let you guys know.

Alexander K. -

listened to the lecture on the way to work; got a bit anxious just listening to it, but coached myself to the normal state of being given that it just does not happen often.
30 min into my shift, medic runs into ER with very small, blue born in the ambi newborn, reporting loudly and anxiously that baby is not breathing that well.

Ohh man, just my luck i thought, good thing i listened to that lecture.
delt with hypoxia, hypothermia, hypoglycemia, bradicardia; things turned just prior to intubation.
but my luck did not end there, on a weekend a PICU doc was covering peds floor at our hospital.( we do not have NICU)
Who knew I am that lucky.

Patricia S., M.D. -

Hey guys

Great article on Takotsubo, however, important to note that ladies in their 50s are not elderly these days. 50 is the new 30!

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