Bonus Section- History of Emergency Medicine Part II

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No me gusta!

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Kevin M. -

Honestly I think Dr. Henry is living in a Bizarro World. Words can't describe how ridiculously simplistic his approach in this conversation is.

Kevin M. -

His comments about how we need to spend more of our time decision making and less time doing things others could do, or clicking at a computer are spot on and the only thing I have agreed with him on in his entire interview.

Now, until they DO incorporate some way to make this happen, I don't give a damn about my Press Gainey because contrary to Dr. Henry's ridiculous assertion, my job is not a waiter, but a medical decision making professional. And when it comes between making people happy by pushing people through the department as fast as possible, versus making the best decisions, it's a rout as to what wins out.

Kevin M. -

When I took my current job, I was required to listen to a lecture given by Dr.Henry wherein he basically said that nothing we do really makes a difference as far as morbidity or mortality so we should focus on "customer satisfaction" above all else. Now he ends his interview by stating that he had the chance to actually help people. Confused? So am I.

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