July 2013 Introduction

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No me gusta!

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Cary K. -

Question number 10 on the quiz is wrong, unless I missed something. I answered that post arrest PaO2 should be around 100, but the quiz says the correct answer is 400, I'm pretty sure that's wrong.

OOPS: WE will get this fixed!

david h. -

100 PaO2 yes

Alexander M. -

LOVE question #11

does midlevel = child? Sometimes it does at my institution.
And I'm a midlevel.

Christopher K. -

My OCD Personality Disorder thanks you for correcting Q10. One more quiz to go! BTW Mel, I'd been listening to you over and over and over say to do the quizzes do the quizzes do the quizzes, but it did not occur to me until 2 weeks ago that you meant the 2013 quizzes, too. Maybe I was in denial.

Kurt T. -

Small but important grammatical point. In the test it should read Physician Assistants, Not Physician's Assistants. That apostrophe-S implies ownership. Thanks.

Jeanne C., M.D. -

Since the current recommendation for gonorrhea treatment in the ED is parenteral ceftriaxone, what would be the partner Rx to cover gonorrhea?

Tolu O. -

Cefixime (Suprax) 400mg PO x 1 is the partner therapy for gonorrhea

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