EM:RAP 2016 July Canadian Edition

John Michael B., M.D. -

I enjoyed your discussion of Lyme disease. as someone who works in the emergency department and also has a clinic as a family doctor this is becoming an increasing problem. There is no question that every decade or so we have a new disease that explains the vague symptoms of chronic fatigue, malaise, generalized unhappiness and fibromyalgia. Nonetheless the proponents of this actually have the IGeneX lab which, as you rightly point out, has an enormous false positive rate. In fact over 50% of the samples from healthy volunteers sent to it were positive for the disease even though there was no history in the test subjects of exposure. There are, of course, significant problems when taking any test which lacks specificity and applying it to the population at large. I do think that there will be certain changes in recommendations, for example I do believe the 36 hour rule for tic implantation is probably going to be reduced. I think you are right point out that this is a clinical diagnosis at least within the first few weeks when the blood test would be lacking sensitivity. Unfortunately veterinarians and naturopaths are making this diagnosis using the private labs in the USA and patients are coming and demanding long-term treatment with antibiotics.

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