Bouncebacks: Toxicology- Methadone

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josh p. -

Great coverage of Bath Salts toxicity. However, it was not mentioned in the written notes (yet an essential clinical finding to recognize) is that while the drug causes genearlly sympathetic findings (agitaiton, tachycardia, etc), it also can cause HYPOTENSION. Bath Salts ingestion has been mistaken for sepsis (altered mental status, tachycardic and hypotensive). Remember that hypotension may be a pertinent finding during toxic overdose of bath salts.

Sean G., M.D. -

Will there be an EMRAPTV video detailing Stu's "Oral First" approach to Priapism?

Sean G., M.D. -

Does Rob realize he CAN NOT do voices? Still, he is so bad that its entertaining.....

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