Mandible Reduction Classic Technique

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This patient's jaw dislocation was successfully reduced with the classic technique. Wrap your thumbs in gauze and apply steady downward and posterior pressure on the mandible.

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John A. S. -

Option to change your position: Standing on a stool behind the head of the bed gives you a better angle to use the combined weight of gravity and a more forceful consistent downward push by your arms to relax the muscles.

Jess Mason -

Yes! Billy Mallon teaches that approach. Haven't caught it on film yet but hope to.

Romain D. -

Test comment

Alex Roux, MD -

My approach to mandible dislocation:
1. Syringe rolling technique (5/10ml syringe); This has failed me every time; perhaps I enjoy step 2 too much
2. Technique described above: done to perfection, well done!

Comments regarding other components of the procedure:
Not sure why he has a mask with reservoir on (a bit overkill and could mask a sneaky apneic episode by being preoxygenated and not being picked up by oximetry; *insert nasal prong capnography here

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