Airway Corner: Management of the Emergency Airway

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Minh L., Dr -

fantastic interview! love how long held concepts are challenged in a scientific manner. Levitan demonstrates that he still remains at the cutting edge of advancing advanced airway management for the emergency patient. Can next episode be on his opinion of cricoid pressure/sellick maneuver, please?

brendan c. -

I hope there is more discussion next month about the combination of nasal O2 along with face mask as pre-oxygenation followed by intubation attempt with nasal cannula in place. This i've learned is the most important part of of preventing de-sats and I hope it gets emphasized.

Mel H. -

Yes - apneic oxygenation is a BIG segment next month....I have now done it 4 times since we did this segment and it is a TOTAL game changer!

Minh L., Dr -

I think its a continuum of oxygenation that matters, from combined face mask and nasal cannula, to controlled BVM ventilation during induction to apnoeic oxygenation via nasal cannula during direct or indirect laryngoscopy. Darren is absolutely right..maintain oxygenation at all costs by whatever means at your disposal.The long standing problem has been our fascination with getting the tube in and achieving the perfect view of the larynx. Hence the multitude of airway toys paraded before us on a regular basis. apnoeic oxygenation has been studied for years..its well reported in the ICU literature during brain death testing. its funny how the EM and critical care community are realising and promoting its benefite as a simple physiologically sound technique yet little traditional anaesthetic teaching in the OR has translated into safer practice
based on all these techniques of maximal oxygneation..why is that?

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