This Emergency Life

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No me gusta!

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There's tears and laugh...this is real life!!!

Aaron B. -

Crazy isn't it? I really enjoyed talking to Dr. Manea and his wife. I thought it was a great inspiration. Glad you liked it!

Paul T. MBChB -

What a fantastic interview. Love the style. Flowed really well. I was guessing a bad outcome, but when Dr Manea's wife spoke on the phone - it was an amazing sense of pride. Simply brilliant interview Aaron. You've set a high standard - I'm expecting more of the same now!! :-)

Patrick S., M.D. -

Wow, what a story! Brilliant! We need to hear more of these. They are very inspirational. Thank you very much!

Neil M. -

Really enjoyed the interview. Started tearing up when I realized it was a happy outcome. I agree with the other comments that we need to hear more things like this.

brendan c. -

miracle save. Would have died in almost any ED in the U.S.

Sean G., M.D. -

Unbelievable. I would have PTSD. Thank God she is well, and thank her hubby.....My stupid ass would have lost his cool and ended up in jail and my wife would likely have died. Amazing amount of restraint and professionalism exhibited by Dr Manea. How could that ship doc not be thinking massive PE. I have always hated cruises.

Dean B. -


I loved this segment. Hugely moving and powerful piece with a feeling of 'There but by the grace of God...'. Thank you for including this segment this month, it was life affirming to hear this story.


Nilesh P. -

Unbelievable! Inspirational story. What Dr. Manea did was heroic.

Aaron A. -

Great segment, thanks for sharing, and Dr. Manea is a hero. So glad for his wife and him that she had a good outcome. Makes me value the capabilities at our shop--we had a massive PE that coded and had thrombectomy within 3 hours of hitting the door after tPA. Amazing what we can do at times, and how he had to fight. I loved the style; reminds us truly that 'what you do matters'.

Amy O. -

By far my favorite piece for the month of March! Definitely brought tears to my eyes! More more more!

Ben A., M.D. -

Best segment of the month, hands down.

A reminder to all who travel outside of the US that medical evaluation insurance is inexpensive, and - like all insurance - seems like an excess cost when you're buying it, but when you need it you *really* need it.

Jacques R. P. -

This piece is a good example of the woes of socialized medicine. Maybe we should prepare for this type of treatment within the next few years. You get what you pay for. Agree with the above comment about medical evacuation insurance.

David R. -

Sabin is my friend and colleague. I have heard his story several times, and I tear up each time. This was an excellent interview and told the story so well. Thank you for doing this. As an interesting footnote, Sabin and his wife went on another cruise, this time in South America. When he got a card "welcoming them back", they didn't realize they were on the exact same ship as when the nightmare began...

Life can be so strange.

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