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No me gusta!

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Jennifer B. -

my first experience with the EM rap and I am loving it
Thank you!

Jennifer M. -

How can we use the new app for iphone as I log into emrap via emra site? Thanks for providing emrap to emra members and Thanks for your help.

Dean B. -

I also can't log into the App as I use EMRAP via the ACEP. I can no longer listen to EMRAP on my IPhone as I can't find the podcasts. I think they're hidden in the App I can't log into. According to ITunes, they're on the phone somewhere.

Preston W. -

Dear Mel.... I have found that when I absolutely positively need someone to stop seizing NOW! Not Dilantin... Not keppra...not even Ketamine...the drug is still..PHENOBARBITAL ! Am I wrong?

Greg J. -

Maybe it's just me, but these podcasts have gotten too long. Sure, we get more CME that way, but 4+ hours of listening? Content is great, but can we have a shorter option too?

Jeremy J. B., M.D. -

Don't shorten the content. Love the depth, and need something on the treadmill.

Dennis H. -

I have an hour commute-"longer is better"...

Jack C. -

I'm with Dennis H.......
don't short change the commuters.

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