Peanuts - Allergy

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No me gusta!

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Kate A. -

what about the evidence for the other treatments typically given - antihistamines H1 and H2 & steroids, and how many days they should be given for after a signficiant allergic reaction (usually 3 days in NZ though not sure what this is based on)

J. B. L. -

Worst Israeli accent I have ever heard- and most intelligent parents do avoid Bamba. But still, peanut allergy isn't too common here in Israel. Hazelnuts (filberts) are in all foods and can be a bigger problem
youir only Israeli subscriber

Bill H. -

Mel, I thought this was one of the best segments I've ever heard on this. Super concise, right to the point, and incorporated a nice balance of things I've not heard of (all the other explanations besides the Hygiene Hypothesis). Great job--as always!

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