C3 Project: Sexually Transmitted Infections

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No me gusta!

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Kevin G. -

lower abdo pain in a woman, ever sexually active?, PID possible, PV has to be offered in ED and better, done. At the risk of being called (it happened) a ''fanny mechanic'', the doctor has to resist the reluctance to 'go there'.
Here, it might be a NZ undergrad -carries on through entire medical career- thing as opposed to N American. However, was a Brit -trained consultant who used the above words. Maybe N Americans are just better educated? Wow, talk about inflammatory
If one is doing fewer PV exams than emergency thoractomies, that doesn't match the disease burden in any ED. Dr Inaba is exempt from this reality, but ED docs are not.

Mel if you like big buboes you will have got your kicks in rural Australia - granuloma inguinale in the indigenous population, amazing. The odds of seeing this where you work v small, the odds of PID slipping through undiagnosed and untreated without PV, large.
thanks for a great program

Michael S., -

Daughter: "I didn't want a dad like you: 'Herpes was discovered--'"
Me: "Australia. Associated with sheep..."
Daughter: "Really?!?"
Me: "It gets mighty lonely out with the flock."
Daughter: "Is that true?"
Me: "Well, I don't know for sure...but I've heard rumors."

Mel H. -

I love the comments. I am not sure I can follow them. But I am laughing like a small boy when his dad lets one rip...

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