EMS Board Certification

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Robert G. -

Mel and Darren, Oh no not another board certification to take and do a fellowship in. How many Baords do we have to take to contribute to the community. Previous to going back to Med School and doing EM residency I was a PA. Back than and even now, PAs/NPs are doing more and more with no real additional training except OJT. Quite the contrary for physicians. Now more and more hops are having to be jumped through to do just about anything additional. When will it stop??? Just look at the additional projects we have to do to maintain our board certification through ACEP. I guess this discussion could be included with Dr. Sacchetti 's "RANT".

Minh L., Dr -

Darren, thankyou for the update. Was not aware of this but it does seem exciting development for prehospital physicians in USA. Not sure how this will evolve in the USA where the tradition has been very much the opposite but I guess this is why it is an exciting prospect!

As you might know the UK in the last 3 years have developed formal training and curriculum and sub faculty in prehospital EM along these very lines as you discuss. IN Australia we are heading that way to formalise standards , training and curriculum. It will be interesting how the assessments/exams will be set and to what standard/level.

for example does the EMS physician board certification cover neonatal transport?

Jose Diaz PA-C -

Are there any clinical positions or training programs available physician assistants in this specialty?

Darren B., M.D. -

I have heard of some programs utilizing PAs but don't have any specifics. Perhaps some other listeners do. We have certainly started looking at this as a possibility as well in New Mexico. I am not aware of any EMS training programs specifically taking PAs at this point but I have not question this will be part of the future as Community EMS finally takes off in this country.

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