Family Presence for Procedures in Pediatrics

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Patrick S., M.D. -

Any reticence I may have had during the course of my career to having family members present during emergency procedures and resuscitations was always, subconsciously, due to my own insecurity. After I recognized the folly in this, I have been a strong advocate in having family present for basically as much as they can stand during all degrees of intervention, ie they leave on their own volition. Personally, I am convinced that,
A) this is exactly what I would want if the situation were reversed, and
B) this is probably the single best policy a provider can adopt to protect against a lawsuit, for the very reasons well delineated in this presentation. Good job guys.

Alfred S., M.D. -

Absolutely agree.

evelyn k. -

In this vein, I have always wondered about obtaining consent from parents. I have typically done this with everyone in the room, but am reconsidering my approach after scaring the crap out of an 8 year old when I described possible complications of deep sedation. What are other people doing?

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