May 2018 - BackPassage


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Emergency NP -

Great !!! great idea of bridging the gap of ER and family practice update.. thank you Mel and rest of crew You just mentioned ....kenya I love rugby !! Born and blend in kenya !! Feel so excited

Peter F. -

Listening to EMRAP from the beginning,
Mel, Thanks for making me a better Doctor.
Pete favini

Adan A. -

I joined EMRAP in July of 2004 when I was a fellow, back then there was 1 CD, then 2, then C3 project; and have experienced everything that has come after. I am very happy to see what EMRAP has become. Kuddos to Mr EMRAP him self and the whole team behind this great family. You guys ROCK !!!!

Kelly H. -

Thanks Mel for EMRAp, I am a new NP that graduated from in Family but started in Emergency Medicine..blew me for a loop!!! This has really helped me a lot!!!! Listen to it a lot!!! Have told a lot of coworkers fellow strugglers about it!

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May 2018 - BackPassage Full episode audio for MD edition 11:43 min - 10 MB - M4A