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Robert S. K. -

Decent introduction. I like the teaser statements to provide interest in the episode.

Genevieve D. -

Very engaging

Chandra A. -

Mel, I just finished listening to the Nov episode including the segment on SIDS, and I am compelled to comment. Although I understand the point of the segment, and I believe the presenters were well intentioned, I found some of their comments insensitive and hurtful. In February, it will be 2 years since my daughter found my 10 week old grandson dead in bed. She had good prenatal care--"good parents, good home, no drugs or alcohol, no sketchy circumstances," well educated, the baby was always placed "back to sleep", the bassinet was in the room. It is true that my daughter fell asleep with the baby in bed with her after the 2 am feeding, as she had done several times during his short life, as I had done many times with my 8 babies, and hundreds of thousands of other parents over centuries have done without finding their infant dead in the morning. While I understand that accidental suffocation is a possible etiology, the fact is that almost all of the time, co sleeping is done without adverse affect. I think that as health care professionals, we like to believe that somehow, bad things happen to other people who inadvertently place themselves at risk by not doing everything as they should. But bad things do happen to all of us, being well intentioned and educated does not protect you. This is the message I think was missing in the presentation. I know that I am sensitized, but there was an implied aspect of irresponsibility, that somehow we can protect ourselves, rather than the recognition that most times it is a just a tragic accident. I remain a loyal EMRAP listener.

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