Nursemaid's Elbow Reduction with Supination Technique

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A nursemaid's elbow can be reduced by hyperpronation, or in this case, supination. For the supination technique:
1. Supinate the arm
2. Flex at the elbow
The child should start spontaneously moving her arm if the reduction was successful.

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Robert S. -

Great video. I usually show the parent on their own forearm/elbow how I will reduce the subluxation. I tell them they may here a noise as sometimes there is a click with successful reduction. More importantly, before the procedure, I tell them there is a good chance their child will cry with this maneuver, especially following the reduction. This anticipatory guidance may keep the Press-Ganey ghouls from feeding on your soul.

ST -

I realize the supination/flexion method is covered because that's the video available, but for what it's worth, I've always had better success (and less crying) with the hyperpronation method. The kids tend to be holding their arms in a neutral to pronated position with extension at the elbow, so it's easier to perform without them freaking about that you're manipulation their arm in a way they've interpreted as causing pain.

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