EM:RAP 2015 October Canadian Edition

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No me gusta!

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Kevin M., MD -

Seriously. I was driving today to go pick up my 7 y.o. twin daughters when the Dr. came on and told about the little girl with the post op bleeding. I started crying as I was driving. My girls probably wondered why my hugs were extra strong today. Our job is amazing and tragic and joyful, sometimes all at the same time. I feel fortunate every day to be able to practice Emergency Medicine.

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Vents, Scabies, and IV Fluid Cage Match Full episode audio for MD edition 256:28 min - 357 MB - M4AEM:RAP 2015 Octobre Résumé en Francais Français 65:06 min - 39 MB - MP3EM:RAP 2015 October Aussie Edition Australian 31:30 min - 43 MB - MP3EM:RAP 2015 Octubre Español 71:43 min - 38 MB - MP3EM:RAP 2015 October Canadian Edition Canadian 20:46 min - 16 MB - MP3EM:RAP 2015 Español Octubre 2015 1 MB - PDFEM:RAP 2015 October Board Review Answers 243 KB - PDFEM:RAP 2015 October Board Review Questions 343 KB - PDFEM:RAP 2015 October MP3 253 MB - ZIPEM:RAP 2015 October Summary 928 KB - PDF