The Cunningham Method: A New Shoulder Relocation Technique

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Rabbott -

It's nice to see a good piece of work from Melbourne - that northern suburb of Launceston (Tasmania).

One of the things that I noticed during my stay in Launceston: it's easy to get lots and lots of experience with shoulder dislocations. The Aussies play "footy" - Australian Rules Football. On a 200 meter long field, where someone can kick a ball high in the air where numerous members of the competing 18 man teams can run, establishing high velocities and all converging at the same place at the same time, all with arms up and outstretched to the ball. It's the perfect position of abduction and external rotation to sustain an anterior dislocation in the resulting collision. The footy players kept us busy reducing the dislocations every weekend - including multiple dislocations from a single collision.

Good on 'ya, mates.

Note, that I saw one player with a finger dislocation, who had it reduced without stopping running by his trainer running alongside him. Aussies being Aussies, I'm surprised that Dr Cunningham does not include a reduction technique which could be employed without the footy player slowing on his hell-bent for destruction dash.

Michael W. -

This is great and can't wait to try it next time. Are there any elegant manipulations for hip dislocations out there? I have much less success rate for those... Thanks!

e c. -

Great website!! Cant wait for the next dislocated shoulder to arrive. Where is link to video on: ? "Ferris" technique promised?

Chris C., M.D. -

This technique was published in 2003.
Nth America is just a bit behind the times.

Marta M., M.D. -

And speaking of Australian anterior shoulder reduction methods reinvented - check this article out - shows you how to halve the length of stay of your patient. Nice....

Daniel L. R. -

Did it! Easy and painless. However, I will choose my patient well. Nice kid... didn't smell. Pretty close contact for some of our patients!

Fred -

@Michael W...for hips try the Whistler technique.

Jeff S -

I had it work yesterday. the patient was triaged, treated, and discharged in 24 minutes, including a post reduction film. It was pretty neat, and he loved it too - didn't have to spend his whole day in there getting a sedation and recovery and all of that. My nurses and colleagues were quite impressed.

Eric M. K., M.D. -

The site is not available at this time. Hopefully a short term issue.

Lynne F., MD -

I've now tried this several times. I have yet to get a shoulder in without meds, but after trying and using the position of comfort, it has been absolutely trivial to do the reduction once the patient is sedated. Very much worth doing, even if it doesn't prevent sedation, in my opinion.

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