CT Angio Again!

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No me gusta!

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Hernan G., M.D. -

The discussants verbally cited (without specifically providing the reference) an article (5 minutes into this section) stating that "an article published by the NEJM" showed that patients "with a low TIMI score, and 2 negative biomarkers ... have a low risk of myocardial events 30 days post ED presentation." No author name or date of publication was given; I am unable to find the article via pubmed.

May the discussants be kind enough to provide the lead author name and/ or year of publication so curious listeners may pull and review? Whether or not CT Angio will have a role in the ED in the near or distant future; the literature mentioned would be helpful to my current practice in real time. Thank you in advance.

Mike J., M.D. -

NEJM December 1997 337[23] 1648ff

Mel H. -

Thanks MIKE - bad editing on my part! Sorry - I should always reference the...references :)

Hernan G., M.D. -

Hey thanks - you guys rock. G.

Joseph A. H. -

is it possible to download the program directly to an i phone ( without using a computer) ?

Patricia G. -

Did the format change again? No C3 project? Last month the lecture ended in teh middle of the written notes...will that be continued or should we just read the summary?
Thanks , Patty

John C. -

Joseph ... Instacast allows you to download directly to your iphone/ipad. High speed, low drag podcast app.


Sudhir P. -

To Jospeh AH yes...go to your iPhones podcasts...ask it to update from using wifi or cell data....that should do it..

Jim M., DO -

Great commentary and review. However the elephant in the room driving all of our overutilization of technology is fear of a lawsuit. I noticed how much weeping and gnashing of teeth the contributors had over industry funding and/or support of the studies. How about full disclosure of the contributors if (a) they have testified as an expert witness for either plaintiff or defense and (b) they are willing to have their testimony reviewed?

BW -

Early in the discussion, Ryan mentions that after risk stratifying for TIMI and Biomarkers, the risk of MI was 0.1%.

Are you talking about Litt et al 2012? Or another citation?


BW -

(if Litt et al - can you please reference the page number)

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