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No me gusta!

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Robert A., DO -

Well done. Could someone forward me the name of article by Dr Wiengard about delayed sequence intubation, we need this for our departments. Thanks. Bob

Here it is Bob

Michael H. -

Especially like the Michelle Lin sessions. Paper chase was strong this month as well.

Ajay G. -

Can you guide me what is the procedure to do any questions to be completed/where on the site? and what is the procedure to get CME credits?

Catherine M. -

In the PECARN criteria for Head CT in pediatric head trauma, how do they define a fall from > 3 ft or > 5 ft? Is that the height of the patient's head relative to the ground, or the height on which they were standing prior to falling?

Suneer C. -

I had a question about discharge instructions on concussions. And I apologize in advance if this was covered. I believe the easiest instructions are when you ask the patient to stay out of athletics and have primary care doctor/sports medicine doctor set up a plan for gradual return. What about a return to school and academic activities? It is hard to tell a kid and parent that they can't take their math test...and I bet the teachers are probably not excited about this either.

Philip S., M.D. -

The section on enteral tubes was great!

Terry A. J., M.D. -

I need some documentation to convince my lab that the grey top tube lactic acid is not acurate. Do you know where I can get that? This was from the Critical Care Concerns section.

David M. -

Enjoyed the rant.

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