Paraphimosis Reduction

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Here are some techniques to reduce a paraphimosis: create a hyperosmotic solution using sugar and water, make a compression dressing using elastic tape or a condom, and then a demonstration of how to manually reduce the paraphimosis. Photo used with permission from Dra. Mariely Ercolano. Reduction procedure performed by Dr. Steve Riccoboni.

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Alonso M. -

Cool technique!
Can you use D50 instead of granulated sugar?

Jess Mason -

Sure, should work if it's hyperosmolar.

Sherri M. -

I just used this technique today and have used it several times in the past. I have always used granulated sugar and agree D50 should work. I have read in some sources it takes 1-2 hours for this technique? I have done it in under 15 minutes every time. So much better than having to do a dorsal slit!

Jenna S. -

Was the indwelling catheter inserted for indication of this paraphimosis before attempting reduction?

Jess Mason -

This is actually video of a couple different patients combined and the catheter is on a different patient than who is initially shown. The catheter was not inserted for the procedure, but rather was part of the problem. As catheters get cleaned or changed in nursing homes, unfortunately, the care provider sometimes forgets to roll the foreskin back into place. This is a common reason for patients to develop a paraphimosis.

Jenna S. -

Thanks Jess!

Allen J. J. -


Cristian P. -

I've actually tried this without the sugar water and had success. We just wrapped the penis in some gauze for padding followed by the elastic bandage which kind of acted like a pressure dressing. We left it for 10 minutes and came back. Just with constant gentle pressure of the dressing it squeezed out a lot of the edema and we were able to successfully reduce.

Jodi F. -

Although another use, I will often pack sugar over a painful external hemorrhoid which significantly reduces edema and pain

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