January 2019


PCMA Archive - January 201935 Chapters

  1. Introduction6:24
  2. Bonus Lecture: The Evolution Of Blood Pressure Guidelines / Aspirin For Primary Prevention In …53:35
  3. Essay: Spin Doctoring – Another Path To Fame And Fortune14:46
  4. Interview: Generic Vs Brand Name Drugs31:59
  5. Reflections of a Skeptic: Hospital-based Buprenorphine6:50
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No me gusta!

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Steven S., M.D. -

Why no quiz?

Tasha B. -

Hello Steven - thank you for your question. We started offering CME credits for Right on Prime in March 2019. Prior to that credits were available through CCME, the organization that produced PCMA and EMA before we incorporated it into our programming here at EM:RAP. If you were a subscriber to PCMA prior to March 2019, we sent out communications on this transition, but if have further questions we'd be happy to help. Thanks for listening to Right on Prime!

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