Procainamide vs Amiodarone

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Amelia Pond -

I call, um, merde de taureau. This study initially was designed, albeit through the researchers hypothesized adverse event rate, to require 302 patients. They enrolled 74 and called it a day. Then we are supposed to believe that these patients, whose age was an average of 62, plus or minus 16 years, who had, by the author's own admission "(probably) ventricular tachycardia"...had no dyspnea, no hypotension, no angina and, my favorite, no hypoperfusion signs. 49/74 had known structural heart disease, 30/74 had CAD, 10/74 had dilated cardiomyopathy, 2/74 had right ventricular cardiomyopathy. And yet, no dyspnea, no angina, no hypotension. No hypoperfusion in the ER 62 year old with v tach. Amazing.

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