Reimagining Shock

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In this lecture Dr. Sara Crager reimagines how we think about shock.

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Gregor P. -

freakin' awesome, cant wait for moooooore! ;-)

Sara Crager -

:) so glad it was helpful

Matthew O. -

This is so good, thank you!

For a while, I've been teaching trainees and students about the principles of various 'compartments' within the body with the classic example being the Munroe-Kellie doctrine for neurotrauma. And extrapolating these same principles to the limb for compartment syndrome, abdominal compartment syndrome, orbital compartment, chest, pericardium, renal etc.

The beauty of this lecture is that it solidifies all of that to the whole body! Genius!

Can't wait for the rest of the lectures. Thank you once again.

Brent S. -

Awesome lecture!

Sara Crager -

Thank you :)

William K. -

Question is there an option to put Closed Captioning on the Videos?

Sara Crager -

So apparently there isn't an easy option for closed captioning on the videos in their current form here. If you view the version of these videos posted on ICUedu ( there is an option to turn on closed captioning, BUT it's just the auto-generated closed captioning soooo it definitely messes up some of the more technical medical terminology... Hope that helps some though!

Sara Crager -

I don't actually know, but I'll check with the our awesome technical team to find out...

Francisco B. -

Great lecture!! thank you so much for this. When are going to come out the other lectures, and can you upload some bibliography about the 3 pressures theory?
Greatings from Chile Sara!

Micah S. -

You know the feeling when you read a really good book that is supposed to be part of a series, but the next book in the series isn't out yet, so you just re-read the book over and over again to try to hold yourself over? That's what's happening with me and this talk. I don't want to rush you, but I'm craving more.

Spencer K. -

I agree with Micah! We need more shock

Sara Crager -

Hi Micah and Spencer! I'm so glad you like the shock series!! I'm recording the rest of the shock series at the EM:RAP studio in November, but in the meantime, you can access the next lectures in the series early on ICUedu (

The latest installment 'Reframing Shock I: The Shock Continuum' is already posted on ICUedu (also direct link here: The next segment 'Reframing Shock II: Three-Pressures Shock Map' should be posted sometime this weekend, and gets in to a more detailed exploration of mapping out shock physiology. The other segments in the shock series will go through pressors, fluids and then putting it all together with clinical cases.

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