Reimplantation of Avulsed Tooth

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A tooth that has been avulsed (completely knocked out from roots to crown) should be reimplanted immediately. Milk is a common storage medium is temporarily used, but more important is to replace the tooth as quickly possible in the correct orientation. This should be followed by a dental splint. Presented by Jess Mason, MD.

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kyle k. -

facial expression incredible

Ryan B. -

How does one simply perform a dental splint?

Jess Mason -

kip b. -

You can't just gloss over this topic in a 40 second video. A supraperiosteal injection should be performed before reimplantation because in healthy gingiva, reimplantation can be fairly uncomfortable. Also, traumatic avulsions may be accompanied by small alveolus fractures.
The socket needs to be irrigated because it often retains blood which prohibits tooth placement . Never handle the tooth by the root which you didn't mention. It's not super important to get the orientation correct, you just want the periodontal ligament to reattach. The dentist can re-allign.
You also fail to mention the commercial preparations to preserve teeth which many EDs have. It's best to keep the tooth in the preservation medium while you adequately anesthetize and irrigate the socket. You also should mention the time element regarding periodontal ligament viability.
That tooth segment in the video does not appear near healthy enough for reimplantation.

Kip Benko MD FACEP

Jess Mason -

These are valid points and are also mentioned in the associated EMRAP segment this month. Remember that these videos are meant to be short reviews, not comprehensive teaching.

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