January 2021

ROP 2021 January 9th Breaking News: Vaccine Refresher


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Ian L. -

With very nervous vasovagal prone patients they can have the vaccine lying on a surgical height adjustable couch head elevated 20 degrees an allowed to lie on couch for five minutes then slowly sat up . -Do you aspirate for blood ? -With the needle ought it be inserted fully ? -Focussing on Covid 19 after how many days do the antibody levels increase to give some protection after the first vaccine ?

Vanessa C. -

Thanks for the suggestions about seating options. Can definitely be helpful for those patients who are known for bad vasovagal reactions to needles! For the vaccination itself you don't need to aspirate for blood as the deltoid is far away from the major vessels of the upper arm. With regards to the depth of needle insertion, that will depend a bit on your patient and both the amount of adipose tissue in their upper arm and the size of their deltoid. Basically, you need to insert far enough to get the vaccine into the muscle.

With regards to the questions on COVID-19 vaccines itself I will refer you to some of our COVID resources on the EM:RAP site for more detailed information but for Pfizer vaccine itself here are few details from the NEJM paper from Dec 2020. Within interval of 1st and 2nd doses there was apparently 52% observed vaccine efficacy, and in first 7 days after the second dose this went up to 91% observed efficacy before reaching max efficacy after that time.

Thanks again for listening

Vanessa Cardy

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