November 2023

November Introduction


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David S. -

Very sad to see you all go. Maybe there isn't need for a full primary care series on EMRAP (?), but I would love to see some of this incorporated into the UC Maximus material. The primary care world overlaps a whole lot with the urgent care world, especially as fewer and fewer primary care clinicians are doing their own acute care and urgent care centers explode in availability.

Vanessa C. -

Thanks so much for listening and for writing in.

Heidi J., MD -

Thanks for connecting with us; it's been a pleasure making ROP for listeners.

Eric B. -

SAY IT ISN'T SO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vanessa C. -

Thank you for letting us know you liked it!

Heidi J., MD -

Thanks for having been part of the ROP community :)

J. B. L. -

I found ROP to be extremely helpful/ As an EP that has aged - and can no longer do high volume EM or nite shifts - these segments aided me to help people in UC as I slowly make the transition out of EM
sure hope someone at EM RAP will let us know what the plans are and whether UC Max will be taking over or whether there will be something else similar

Vanessa C. -

Thank you for listening and writing in

Heidi J., MD -

Thanks for your kind words. We've enjoyed making ROP and are glad to hear it's been helpful to your UC work :)

Ola G. -

Why are you ending ROP? Replacing it with something else? Even as an anesthesiologist/intensivist I found ROP educational and entertaining. Would like to hear more from the hosts of ROP on the other shows.

Vanessa C. -

Thanks so much for the kind words, and for listening

Heidi J., MD -

Thanks for listening. Appreciate your writing in.

Charles P., M.D. -

Ruined my day. After 40 years in the ED, have increased my volunteering at a local free clinic - as I imagine many ED/UC docs do. ROP has been an essential part of my GP education.
Also, as we tend to be visible in our communities, we are often approached with general medicine questions, and with what I learned here, I can at least sound halfway intelligent.
Plus, the Canadians, who make a large part of the faculty are such nice people
I hope we are going to get real explanation from the organization - and it cannot be financial, since a large part of the faculty is Canadian - you can pay them in Canadian dollars
Chuck P

Heidi J., MD -

This Canadian thanks you as well! Take care and thank-you for for pending your time volunteering at a free clinic - inspiring :)

Vanessa C. -

This Canadian thanks you for the kind words and for listening!

Catherine K. -

I wish you weren't leaving! I really like listening to ROP. I found the content to be great and very helpful even though I only work in the ED; A lot of the time, patients want to know what to expect next, what kinds of testing or treatment to ask for when they see their PCP after leaving the ED. This program has helped me so much and I will miss it a lot. I do hope we get some kind of explanation for why you are being cut off!

Robert M. H. -

I endorse all the comments above. Mel you are an ignorant sl..

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