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Neonatal Cardiology - Part 1

Paul Checchia, MD, Andrew Sloas, DO RDMS FAAEM, and Rob Orman, MD
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No me gusta!

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The ill appearing wee ones in the ED are always a challenge. Are they septic or is it cardiac? Fret not EM:RAP-ers we are here to help.

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Will B. -

This was a great segment. Is the audio for Part 2 available on the website? I only see it in the Show Notes. Thanks!

francesco m. -

Excellent break down on how to approach these kids. Depending on where you work, and if prenatal care was delivered in your hospital, then access to a perinatal anatomy scan should be possible. If a comment was not made on the major vessels and no follow up scan was done then you have some info that might help.

Matthew P. -

one of the best EM:RAP segments in the last few years. going to listen to this about 10 more times.

Lars E., M.D. -

Wwwwwwhat??? I think I am more worried and confused about these patients than before I listened to this.

Lilian M., Dr -

I feel horrible that i had to wait this long to use this wonderful app

Matthew Z. -

This was awesome! Thanks!

Andrew P. -

Awesome job summarizing the approach to these kids! This is the best segment/podcast I've heard on any topic. Already listened to it three times, and need about five more, but man was that good!

Steven S. -

This was hands-down one of the best lectures I have heard this year on EMRAP! These simple methods that were discussed I will be using in my clinical practice immediately.

Thank you, Steven! - Rob O

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