Some New P’s for RSI

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No me gusta!

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john m., dr -

Dr BRAUDE if a King Air is functioning well during a STEMI evaluation,pulse Ox 98%,ECO 42..... NORMAL VITALS IS THERE AN INDICATION TO REMOVE IT ?

Darren B., M.D. -

Great question. In my humble opinion, NO! The enemy of good is better. If it's working well, leave it alone until the situation is stabilized and all preparations are made and personnel available for a safe exchange. I would generally not send a patient to the cath lab with an extraglottic airway in place, however, but it's not out of the question especially if the exchange is predicted to be very difficult and the cath team is ready.

Evan S., M.D. -

When is the 5th edition expected to be available?

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