The REGN-COV2 Study

Ian L. -

The predominant value of these passive immunity treatments has been historically post and pre exposure prophylaxis as in tetanus hyperimmune globulin in patients with a Tetanus prone wound in whom regular tetanus boosters have lapsed . Before hepatitis A and B vaccines they were given as immunoglobulin for travel to hepatitis B and hepatitis A endemic areas . With a Rabies risk bite Hyperimmune Immunoglobulin is given as soon as possible after the bite with the active vaccine . -As regards the natural antibody response by people infected with Covid it was said the range of antibodies vary and some antibodies might be deleterious . If antibodies have been produced it cannot be that Early in the disease . -The mortality rate after admission to hospital is high between 9-15 % in a JAMA report 22 December 2020 by Asch D A et al -you have to give the patients the option especially after the n 1 of President Trump .

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