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The Agent/Antidote Game

Sean Nordt, MD PharmD FAAEM and Stuart Swadron, MD, FRCPC

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Crunch Time EM - Tox - Written Summary 392 KB - PDF

The Agent/Antidote Game

Sean Nordt MD and Stuart Swadron MD

  • Acetaminophen  → N-Acetylcysteine
  • Aspirin  → Sodium bicarb and hemodialysis (HD)
  • Organophosphates  → Atropine, pralidoxime, diazepam (for seizures)
  • Carbamates  → Atropine, diazepam
  • Warfarin  → Vitamin K, PCC
  • Digoxin  → Fab fragments
  • Ethylene glycol →  Fomepizole or ethanol, HD
  • HFl acid  → Calcium, magnesium
  • Isoniazid  → Pyridoxine
  • Methanol  → Fomepizole or ethanol, HD
  • TCAs  → Sodium bicarb
  • Carbon monoxide  → Oxygen and hyperbaric oxygen
  • Beta blocker  → Glucagon, calcium, high-dose insulin, intralipid = controversial
  • CCB  → Calcium, glucagon, high-dose insulin, intralipid = controversial
  • Heavy metals   → Chelators - BAL then calcium disodium EDTA    (lead, mercury, arsenic)
  • Iron  → Chelator deferoxamine
  • Cyanide  → Hydroxocobalamin, sodium nitrate, amyl nitrate, sodium thiosulfate

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