Transvenous Pacemaker

Jess Mason reviews the steps for placing a transvenous pacemaker, the initial settings on the pacing generator, and what gets connected to where and how.

Grant G. -

Great video! Probably consult a cardiologist AND get a post procedure CXR

Wesley M. -

Another helpful video for a community doc!

ST -

A couple minor additions that I would add. If the kit comes with a Tuohy-Borst adapter (looks like a small blue cap with a notch), it should be placed on the end of the Cordis before the wire and sheath are placed, to keep blood from leaking out around the pacer wire. The other is that if you have to back out the wire, you always have to remember to deflate the balloon first, or you could risk damaging the tricuspid valve.

Shamith J. -

Great Vedic
I need to know why you deflate the balloon at last

Jess Mason -

Great question. If you don't deflate the balloon the tip of the catheter can migrate and then you would lose capture.

Shamith J. -

Thank you

Hugo P. -

Sometimes the connector pins are in a separate packet. Easy to lose these.

Jess Mason -

Great point. Key piece of equipment and can easily go missing.

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