Felon Incision and Drainage

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    Cunningham Shoulder Reduction Technique

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    Trigger Point Injection

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    Ganglion Cyst Aspiration and Injection

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    Digital Nerve Block Techniques

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    Examining the Flexor Digitorum Tendons

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    Finger Reduction

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    Elson and Modified Elson Tests for Central Slip Injury

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    Jaw Reduction by Wrist Pivot Maneuver

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    Ankle Arthrocentesis

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    Aspiration of Olecranon Bursitis

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    Reduction of a Lateral Patellar Dislocation

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    Shoulder Reduction by External Rotation

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    Posterior Tibial Nerve Block

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    Reduction of Elbow Dislocation

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    Removal of a Staple Gun Staple

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    Mandible Reduction Classic Technique

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    Traumatic Arthrotomy

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    Nail Bed Laceration Repair

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    Shoulder Reduction by Davos Technique

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    Nursemaid's Elbow Reduction with Supination Technique

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    Biceps Tendon Rupture

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    Thompson Test for Achilles Tendon Rupture

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    Flexor Tenosynovitis

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    Ankle Reduction

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    Fascia Iliaca Compartment Block

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    Septic Bursitis Aspiration

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    Bone Rongeur for Fingertip Amputation

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    Elbow Arthrocentesis

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    Knee Arthrocentesis and Intraarticular Injection

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    Ulnar Nerve Block at the Wrist

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    Hip Reduction by East Baltimore Lift Maneuver

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    Reduction Techniques for Posterior Hip Dislocation

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    Trephination of a Fingernail Subungual Hematoma

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    Paronychia Incision and Drainage

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    Removal of Ingrown Toenail

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    Shoulder Joint Injection

    Uploaded July 2017

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    Subacromial Bursa Injection for Impingement Syndrome

    Uploaded July 2017

  38. 01:20

    Reduction of Temporomandibular Joint Dislocation

    Uploaded May 2017

  39. 06:14

    Measuring Compartment Pressure

    Uploaded May 2017

  40. 01:00

    Reduction of Inferior Shoulder Dislocation

    Uploaded April 2017

  41. 00:37

    Reduction of Posterior Shoulder Dislocation

    Uploaded April 2017

  42. 01:12

    Reduction of Anterior Shoulder Dislocation

    Uploaded April 2017

  43. 01:34

    Fish Hook Removal

    Uploaded February 2017

  44. 01:16

    Pelvic Binder Placement

    Uploaded February 2017

  45. 03:18

    Pelvic Fractures

    Uploaded February 2017

  46. 01:40

    Wrist Arthrocentesis

    Uploaded October 2016

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A quick review of a digital block of the thumb and incision and drainage of a felon — an infection of the pulp of the finger. We use a unilateral longitudinal approach for our incision. Just one cut on the side of the finger! The distal pulp of the finger has multiple fibrous septa that need to be broken up to drain the infection adequately.

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Jeff B. -

No packing or drain?

Jess Mason -

Not in this technique, although it is perfectly acceptable to leave packing or a drain as well.

Greg M. -

Awesome video. I think I’m going to start saying “donesies” when I finish procedures now because it sounds so cool.

Luke M. -

I haven't had the pleasure of draining many felons. Splinting/antibiotics post procedure or follow up with plastics post procedure?

Jess Mason -

I give antibiotics, admit, and have the hand surgeon see them next day. A splint might help decrease pain.


Great video - albeit very emetogenic!
One thing is of critcism though, i teach to incise those away from opposing finger/hand structures. I.e. if the thumb needs to be excised, then i'd incise on the radial side, because the ulnar side has more touch sensitive nerve endings you need for opposition and fine motor control.

or if the index needs to be incised then I'd go on the ulnar side, since the radial side opposed the thumb and you want to preserve those nerve endings.

Jess Mason -

I like that tip, all things being equal. Otherwise, go for the juiciest part.

Emergency NP -

Great video ,
1. Do you often collect pus swab for culture sensitivity ?

Jess Mason -

I generally assume that it's MRSA and cover for that, so I don't typically send cultures.

Mike R. -

Are there any draw backs to going through to both sides? Obviously a little more invasive

Facundo G. -

There seems to be a higher risk for neurovascular compromise. There is also the fish mouth approach that can also lead to an unstable thumb pulp.

The J approach used on the video is usually recommended.

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