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Emergency Medicine Reviews and Perspectives (EM:RAP) was founded in September of 2001 with a simple mission: provide the best medical education to emergency medicine practitioners everywhere. For more than twenty years, EM:RAP has passionately pursued this goal. In doing so, we have become the most listened to audio program in emergency medicine, with more listeners than the total number of emergency physicians in the United States.

Today, EM:RAP continues to expand its mission through emergency medicine and beyond with a culture of continuous innovation. We’ve developed educational products that have re-defined standards for medical education, and we continue to challenge ourselves by developing new technologies, employing expertise from fields beyond medicine, and re-imagining what makes learning powerful.

EM:RAP’s commitment to medical education also extends beyond national borders. To date, clinicians from over 160 countries have relied on EM:RAP for cutting-edge, mission critical education. Our products have made a difference in patients’ lives amidst public health crises, active warzones, and resource limited settings. While access to expert emergency medical care is expected in high resource nations, in many lower resource communities emergency medicine is still in its infancy. Through our nonprofit, EM:RAP Global Outreach, we are connecting a global community of scholarship that provides outreach and education where high-quality emergency care is needed most.

We are a team of doctors, educators, designers, videographers, audio engineers, and artists, dedicated to improving healthcare by transforming medical education. More importantly, we are people who believe everyone deserves access to the highest level of medical care. We believe that great education makes great clinicians, and great clinicians take great care of patients.

At EM:RAP, we believe what you do matters.

The EM:RAP Team