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Interested in our beta program?

By signing up to our beta program, you'll get access to the most bleeding-edge versions of the EM:RAP app for both iPhone and Android devices.

New features and bug fixes all enter a beta stage before making their way to the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Beta releases provide a means for you to test those new features while offering you the chance to provide feedback regarding an app's functionality.

The EM:RAP Beta is distributed through HockeyApp, which will guide you through the installation process.

Want to keep your standard version of the EM:RAP app installed? Not a problem. The EM:RAP Beta can be installed alongside the EM:RAP app without issue.

Please note the EM:RAP Beta is not a final release. You may find issues, but your testing and feedback will help us correct them.

Beta release schedule

Betas are released when new features are developed, as early as every two weeks. The EM:RAP Beta app will notify you when an update becomes available. Please ensure you're running the latest release before leaving any feedback.

How to sign up with an iPhone

Please visit our iOS beta page and sign in or create an account. Further directions are provided as part of the installation process.

There is a brief waiting period for iOS builds of up to two weeks. You will receive an email notification once a build of the EM:RAP Beta is ready for your device.