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In response to your requests, we have made available EM:RAP Merchandise. Everybody loves a little merch! Cups, mugs, t-shirts, you know the drill.

100% of the profit goes to charity Browse Store

We created a store on CAFE PRESS to deal with ordering and shipping. This is not an EM:RAP run store but an independent third party. EM:RAP is in the business of education, not merchandising, so most of the price of the items goes to CAFE PRESS to run the store. If any profit is generated, 100% of it will be given to one of our favorite charities, Homeboy Industries.

We want you to get your merch without the feeling that EM:RAP is profiting. So enjoy your stuff and know that all profits go to one of the best charities we at EM:RAP could think of!

Go get your gifts and toys at the CAFE PRESS website!


Mel Herbert for the EM:RAP Team