Welcome to the EM:RAP Blog

For the past twenty years, EM:RAP has provided education through podcasts, video series, live events, online reference tools, and newsletters. Today, we are adding another way to communicate with you: a blog.

You might be wondering, for a company that makes more educational content than a person can consume in a lifetime, why create another means of providing education?

Our answer is simple: people learn in many different ways, and it’s our goal to meet learners where they are at. The primary goal of this blog will be to highlight the information we think you’ll care about most and to provide a written perspective that augments the audiovisual learning you’ve come to rely upon here at EM:RAP.

But it’s my hope, too, that this blog becomes a space to provide you with updates about emergency medicine and medical education that don’t quite have a home in our other programs or events. We hope to grow this space into a larger view of the work we do in both the education space as well as the clinical one.

Ultimately, this blog will serve as a better means of communicating with you, our community–a place where you can check in for important practice changing perspectives, updates from our team, and connect with other clinicians.

So check back regularly, join the discussion, and I hope you enjoy it.

– Scott

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